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Best 4WD Tracks in Victoria

There are many joys to getting off the road and onto the tracks, like discovering [...]

Best 4WD Tracks in NSW

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The latest innovation from Ultra Vision – Single Row Light Bars are here.

We know that you love heading out on an adventure to explore everything that Australia [...]

Ford Ranger LED Driving Lights Upgrade

If you are one of the lucky ones who have gotten your hands on a [...]

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Colour Temperatures – Which is right for you?

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What Goes Into Making Ultra Vision Driving Lights & Light Bars

Driving through challenging conditions such as heavy rain and fog, navigating 4×4 trails and country [...]

Get Ready To Get Out There!

As winter comes to an end and the warmer weather approaches, it’s time to start [...]

We Answer Your FAQ’s!

Many people across Australia would prefer Summer, but here at Ultra Vision we love this [...]

The Benefits Of Ultra Vision Light Bars

Adding extra LED lights to your vehicle is one of the easiest ways to increase [...]

In The Factory: See Behind The Scenes At Ultra Vision

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Benefits Of Upgrading Your Driving Lights Ready For Winter

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Tips for taking your rig on a beach drive

There’s nothing quite like cruising down a stretch of secluded beach with nothing but pearly [...]

Adventures for Every Type of Person…

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Why upgrading a used vehicle could be perfect for your next rig…

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Great gifts & perfect presents for all types of adventurer!

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Ready to Roll? 5 Essential Items For Your Next Adventure!

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The History of Four-Wheel Drive – A Four Part Series

Part 3 – Ploughing Through the Jargon. Welcome back to our four-part series looking into [...]

Saltbush Chips: A Snack for the Road

Oldman Saltbush is a large woody shrub found in each of the mainland states of [...]

Fortune Favours the Brave (Off-Roader)

Like many other companies, at the end of the financial year, we like to do [...]

The History of Four-Wheel Drive – A Four Part Series

Part 2 – World War II and the Following Decades.  Welcome to part two of [...]

The History of Four-Wheel Drive – A Four Part Series

Here at Ultra Vision, we’re committed to supplying you with the best Australian electronics that [...]

Roast Lamb with Native River Mint Dressing

Who doesn’t like lamb roast?  Well, how about we pair that up with a lovely [...]

How Do I Choose The Right LED Light Bar For My 4WD?

The Top Four Decisions to Make Sure you Get it Right First Time So, you’ve [...]

Wattleseed Scones: An Old Favourite with a Unique Australian Flavour

Roasted ground Wattleseed…would you every have thought of eating the seeds from our Acacia trees? [...]

Lemon Myrtle Damper: Damper With a Twist!

This is the very first addition to a brand new section of the Ultra Vision [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Mounting Your LED Headlights & LED Light Bars

You’ve done all the research and legwork and spent a pretty penny to get yourself [...]

LED Driving Light Review – Mr 4×4 Pat Callinan Puts Our Nitro Maxx 140W Lights to the Test

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Pimp My Rig – The Hottest Aussie 4WD Accessories for 2018

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Red Herrings – Navigating the Labyrinth of Fishing Regulations in Australia

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How Much Light Are Your LED Driving Lights Really Giving? Part 2

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How Much Light Are Your LED Driving Lights Really Giving? Part 1

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The Most Spectacular 4×4 Tracks in Australia

Endless blue sky. Mile after mile of parched red dirt punctuated by spinifex blurring past [...]

Raising the Bar – Do You Know How & Where You’re Allowed to Install Your LED Lightbar?

You don’t have to be a genius to understand why so many of us are [...]

Shedding Some Light – Which Driving Lights Are Best for Your 4WD?

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Opposite Lock – Store Owners

Many of the Opposite Lock stores have fitted Ultra Vision lights to their company vehicles. [...]

Young Veterans

Ultra Vision is excited to announce that they are sponsoring the Young Veterans. Images below [...]

Outlaw 4×4 – Tom’s Tuff Truck

TOUGH DOG – TUFF TRUCK CHALLANGE 2015 Tom has 2 Dura Vision light bars and [...]

Tough Dog Aussie Tour

Ultra Vision recently fitted out one of Tough Dogs 4×4’s with our latest Nitro 120 [...]