Nitro Maxx Driving Lights

Introducing the New
Nitro 140 MAXX
LED Driving Light

Numerous factors combine together to make a good driving light.  Needless to say, to make an exceptional driving light all these factors need to be …. Exceptional.

► Reduced depth & weight to increase fitment options
► 4mm Stainless steel bracket
► Sophisticated Contrl® Optic for more even illumination
► Hardened Polycarbonate lens & lens cover


Outstanding Performance from Australia’s Most Advanced Driving Light

Nitro Maxx

Touring has been a way of life in Australia for decades.  A vast array of wide open spaces, amazing scenery and varied terrain have all contributed to the adventure.  However, one challenge that goes along with it is that the most beautiful places are not always the most accessible.  This remoteness adds to the charm but also puts high demand on the explorer and their equipment.

For this reason, Nitro Maxx lighting has been designed to go anywhere – and we mean anywhere.  From perenties’ in the Simpson Desert, wedge tails in the Flinders ranges, bilby’s in the Kimberly, there’s not much they haven’t seen and done, yet still get back to base in safety.

So, whatever your idea of idyllic scenery is, Nitro Maxx lighting can be depended on to help you maximise the experience.

Nitro 140 Maxx

Numerous factors combine together to make a good driving light.  Needless to say, to make an exceptional driving light, all these factors have to be… exceptional.  The Nitro 140maxx has done just this!

The body has been designed to reduce depth and weight, so as to increase fitment options.  The lenses are made from hardened polycarbonate and the bracket from 4mm stainless steel.  However, from the drivers’ perspective, the real science is the combination of the LED’s and the optics.  The sophisticated Contrl° optics condense the light by reducing non-functional stray beams.  Coupled with a high-efficiency Luxeon LED they produce a performance that is unmatched internationally.

By investing in Nitro 140 Maxx’s you can be assured that you’ve made the right choice.

Nitro 80 Maxx

The Nitro 80 Maxx is an excellent all-rounder, giving a balance of width and distance.  Equipped with Cree LED’s and the proven Reflex optic, the 80W Maxx delivers exceptional output for its size. The proven housing design and 4mm stainless steel bracket ensure that wherever you’re going, your Maxx’s will get you home safely.

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