We know that you love heading out on an adventure to explore everything that Australia has to offer. We know you love getting off the beaten track to challenge your off-road abilities or find that hidden gem of a camping spot. And we know you love your vehicles and how they look.

That doesn’t just mean the make, model and colour of your rig, but extends to all the accessories and extras that you add to it…including your driving lights and light bars. Which is why we’ve been hard at work to design something that offers you all the power you expect and want from Ultra Vision in a sleek, streamline and lightweight new design.

Ultra Visions Single Row Light Bars Used in the dark

Introducing our Single Row Light Bars.

The Tech…

We’ve incorporated all the tech that you find in our Nitro Maxx range into these slim light bars, giving you beam distance that blows the competition out of the water, as well as our market leading beam width – making these light bars perfect for any 4wd adventure.

We use a combination of next-gen hybrid Osram LED’s on our PCB’s that are made right here at our factory in Australia. We also use our patented Contrl® optic to make sure our Single Row LED Light Bars give you incredible distance, and also add our Widr® optic to produce the width of light that we are known for. Together they make for a light bar that not only looks amazing, but has the power you need to light up the night.

Close up of Ultra Vision Single Row Light Bar

The Single Row Light Bar Range…

The new range is incredibly versatile thanks to sizes that range from 4” all the way up to a massive 52”, allowing you to get the right size not just for your vehicle, but for your driving needs too.

Whether you’re after some extra auxiliary lighting for the bed or canopy with the 4-inch 12W lights (that still offer 1 LUX at 270m with the spot option) or you need the power of the 44-inch 180W Light bar that gives you 1 Lux at 1KM – you’ll find it with our Single Row Light Bars.

The entire range comes with polycarbonate lenses and super tough T5 Aluminium housing, so they are ready to take on anything. Add to that the stainless-steel side mount brackets, included wiring harness and 5-year warranty, and you know that these light bars will last you for a long time.

The Beam Pattern…

Want to see exactly what you get when we talk about beam distance and width that outshines the rest? Let’s take a look at the mid-sized 110W light bar…

Nitro 110W Single Row Light Bar On Vehicle

Nitro 110w Combo Beam Pattern

The combo optics mean that not only are you getting 1 LUX at 780m to light the way ahead of you and keep you safe and seen, but you’re also getting nearly 70m of width too…that’s bigger than the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

The Looks & Style…

It’s not all about the performance (although we’re pretty proud of that too), the new range is designed to be sleek, lightweight and stylish, giving you mighty power in a slim design so that you can still get the lighting you need to get on the tracks, or keep you safe on those long drives. They blend seamlessly with your vehicle to give you understated style, and can be mounted on bull bars or roof racks to give you the position that best suits you.

180W single row light bar on Roof Rack

So take a look at the new line up of Single Row Light Bars, and find the one that’s perfect for you and your vehicle. The smaller sizes are great to help you light up your camp site, or for when you reach your favourite fishing spot, while the larger sizes will allow you to see everything the road or trails can throw at you – keeping your rubber on the road and your journey safe.

Check them out online here or find your nearest stockist to discover more.