We all know the benefits of driving lights and light bars for when you’re heading out on a big road trip, or looking to get off the sealed roads and on to the rough stuff. They are a valuable bit of kit to make sure you stay safe once the sun has gone down and you need to light up the way.

But have you thought about the other advantages of these lights are? You may not need a pair of spotties or a large light bar mounted to your roof rack, but you could make use of driving lights in a few other ways, to help you on your next camping adventure, on your work vehicle for those long days, or even as an addition to give your vehicle some more lighting power when you’re heading through the suburbs…

Boating, camping, fishing…

We’re all excited about the holidays and having the chance to get away and pitch the tent, or visit your favourite fishing spot with the tinnie. While your vehicle might already have enough lighting as standard to see you there safely, what about when you arrive? Why not add a small light bar to your canopy, so you’ve got plenty of light to find what you need inside? Or how about attaching them to the back of your rig, so that you can light up your surroundings when you’re setting up camp, relaxing around the fire, or even to see the water’s edge when sitting on the tailgate with a rod? Perhaps you’re going out on the boat for a bit of dusk fishing – well, we’ve got a light for that too, so you can back up to the ramp and see exactly where you need to be! Why not try out our Raptor 30 Light bars, or a set of our Atom 45’s, or the Atom 25’s – a great addition that will give you plenty of mounting options as well as incredible performance!

Ultra Vision LED Work Lights Ultra Vision Raptor 30 LED Light Bar

Get the job done…

Maybe you’re making the most of the summer by getting as much work done as possible, saving up to go away when the weather turns again. If you’re working in a rural location or out on the fields, you need to make sure you can keep going until the job is done! Even if you just want to make sure that when the sun goes down, you can finish off everything you need to do on site – then you could use your vehicle to light the way.

A set of work lights are a versatile way to give your work vehicle the power to keep you going, so you can see what’s going on around you. Our LED work lamps are available with a Flood or a Euro beam, so no matter where you’re working you can get a light that suits you and your environment. Waterproof, rugged and easy to mount, they’re even perfect for lighting up stairs and gangways around your workplace. Not only that but they’re backed by a 5-year warranty, so wherever you take them, you know they’re built as tough as you are! Check out our full range of work lights to find the ones that are right for you.

Ultra Vision Atom 45 LED Work Light Ultra Vision Work Lights on Agricultural Machine

Be safe & be seen…

Maybe you’ve got a smaller vehicle, don’t particularly want a set of spotties or even just want to keep that slick, factory look on your vehicle. Well, you can still get the benefits of more LED lighting power too. Even if you’re not heading off into the outback, adding some auxiliary lighting can not only be useful when traveling between towns and suburbs on roads that are perhaps not well lit so you can avoid any stray animals or obstacle on the road, but they can also help others to see you – making you more visible to other drivers who’s own lights might not be as good!

You don’t have to add a huge light bar or attach driving lights – we can give you a solution that will increase your visibility and look great on any vehicle. Adding a small light bar such as our Nitro Maxx 55W Light Bar Kit makes for a compact and powerful set up, while their looks make them a discreet option for extra performance. Or how about our Integration & Behind the Grille Kits, that supplement your vehicle’s factory lighting while keeping that elegant look! And for another easy mounting option – why not use one of our number plate mounts, suitable for a range of Raptor or Nitro Maxx light bars?!

Ultra Vision Behind the Grille LED Light Bar Kit Ultra Vision LED Light Bar on Road Vehicle

While many people assume that adding Driving Lights and light bars is only for those who are heading out on a week long trip, or hardcore 4WD adventures – this is not the case. Adding lighting to your vehicle in a variety of ways is practical, versatile and can be a benefit in many different situations – whether that’s work, fun, or simply to keep you safe out on the road.