If you are one of the lucky ones who have gotten your hands on a new Ford Ranger, congratulations! It’s being hailed as the best Ranger Ford has ever built. Tough, smart and versatile, the new Ranger turns heads, and it is packed full of great features.

We’re such fans of the new Ranger here at Ultra Vision that we have put together this guide to walk you through the different driving lights and light bars we have to suit almost every version of the Ford Ranger currently available.

Next Gen Ford Ranger
Next Gen Ford Ranger

Understanding Your Ford Ranger’s Lighting Solutions

The outstanding features of the new Ranger extend to the factory lighting setup. Check out the standard lighting specifications for each model of the Ford Ranger below:

Ford Ranger XL

  • Halogen headlamps and daytime running lamps

Ford Ranger XLS

  • Halogen headlamps, daytime running lamps and front fog lamps

Ford Ranger XLT

  • C-Clamp LED headlamps
  • LED Daytime Running Lamps

Ford Ranger Raptor

  • C-Clamp Matrix LED headlamps
  • LED Daytime Running Lamps
  • LED front fog lamps

Ford Ranger Sport

  • C-Clamp LED headlamps
  • LED Daytime Running Lamps
  • LED front fog lamps

Ford Ranger Wildtrak

  • C-Clamp LED headlamps
  • LED Daytime Running Lamps
  • LED front fog lamps

Ford Ranger Platinum

  • C-Clamp Matrix LED Headlamps with Auto Levelling & Dynamic Bending
  • LED Daytime Running Lamps
  • LED front fog lamps

While the lights you get with the Ranger are great for day-to-day life, for our customers, we know that getting the most out of your vehicle often means taking it offroad and driving in places beyond where seeing the tracks ahead is vital. For anyone driving on rural roads or where wildlife is a factor, the power provided by our lights means you will have greater visibility of any obstacles the road may throw your way and any animals that may cross your path. Plus, they let you keep on going long after the sun has gone down so you can go further and see more.

Types of Driving Lights for the Ford Ranger

Here at Ultra Vision, we’ve been innovating, developing and manufacturing driving lights and light bars that will offer you the best in performance and durability. In this section, we will cover ALL the various options you can add, including some exciting additions we have designed specifically for the new Ford Ranger:

1. Ford Ranger Light Bars

Light bars are the perfect low-profile and low-impact solution to increasing the lighting power on your vehicle. Ultra Vision light bars are the best around for providing beam width and distance. Our light bars spread the light over a wider area, giving superior peripheral visibility so you can see what’s lurking at the edge of the tracks.

This is ideal if you are driving winding roads and need increased peripheral vision if you expect to encounter wild animals or hazards that may approach your vehicle from a side-on position. They can also be mounted to either a bull or nudge bar for use at the front of the vehicle or if you prefer, they can be attached to a roof rack to give your lighting a different angle.

2. Ford Ranger Integration Kits

For owners of either a Ford Ranger XLT (July 2018-2022) or a Ford Ranger FX4 one of the best light bar installation solutions is our Integration Kit. We have specifically designed these kits for the Ford Ranger XLT & Ford Ranger FX4; the kits have everything you need to seamlessly integrate the power of Ultra Vision with your new vehicle.

Featuring the combined power of 2 Raptor Light Bars, the kits also include:

  • Strong and durable nylon adjustable brackets
  • Wiring harness
  • Anti-theft nuts
  • Fitting guide

This complete kit will prepare you to take offroad adventures or safely navigate rural roads at night without needing a bull bar or nudge bar upgrade.

Each Integration Kit comes with a 3-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. Ford Ranger Behind Grille Light Bar Kit

For another integrated and seamless option, take a look at our Behind Grille Light Bar Kit. They are available as a Next-Gen Ford Ranger Behind Grille Light Bar Kit or a Next-Gen Ford Raptor/ Wildtrak Behind Grille Light Bar Kit.

This kit enables you to effortlessly hide two Nitro Maxx 105W 13″ LED Light Bars behind the grille on your Ranger without needing a bull bar. The LED light bars attach to the bumper framework instead of the grille for installation, ensuring a secure fit that won’t wobble on bumpy roads. As a bonus no cutting or drilling is required as the bracket system is cleverly engineered to mount to existing points on the body.

The Behind Grille Light Bar Kit also includes:

  • 2 x NITRO Maxx 105W 13″ LED Light Bars (5700k colour temperature)
  • Purpose-built Ranger light bar brackets, 4mm steel, powder-coated in black
  • High-Beam Plug & Play wiring loom
  • Complete twin wiring harness including inline fuse & cabin switch
  • Mounting hardware
  • Fitting instructions
  • These kits are built tough and come with a 5-year warranty.
Ford Ranger Behind The Grille Light Kit
Ford Ranger Behind The Grille Light Kit

4. Ford Ranger LED Driving Lights

Our LED Driving Lights are renowned for their phenomenal beam distance. When you’re taking your Ford Ranger out you want to make sure you can see what’s ahead no matter where you are. Utilising the cutting-edge technology and optics that all our lights are known for, they give you the power to see and be seen.

Just take a look at the light beams for our Raptor 120’s and Nitro Maxx 180’s:

Raptor & Nitro Beam Pattern
Raptor & Nitro Beam Pattern

Not only do they offer fantastic width but the Raptor 120’s gives you 1 Lux at 1000m, and the Nitro 180’s 1 Lux at 2200m – a good way of thinking about this is that if you were 2200m away from the lights, there would still be enough illumination to read a newspaper! This incredible beam distance helps you to light up the road ahead on long journeys or in tricky conditions, so that not only will you be able to see where you’re going, but you and your vehicle will be visible to others, helping you to stay safe out on the road.

We have a wide range of driving lights that can be mounted to a bull or nudge bar, or even to a roof rack (if allowed in your state) to enhance your Ranger’s standard lighting, with colour temperatures and performance options to suit your driving style and needs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Driving Lights for Ford Ranger

It’s important to remember a few things when choosing driving lights for your Ford Ranger. Ensure you check the lights’ compatibility with your model; our product pages include compatibility information to help you find the right lights for you. You should also check your applicable state’s guidelines and regulations for adding additional lighting to your vehicle. It’s also important to remember that if you cross state lines, you must comply with each state’s rules.

It’s always a good idea to get a professional to install your lights to make sure they are fitted properly and wired in a way that won’t damage your vehicle’s electrics. It’s also wise to periodically check your lights for signs of wear and tear – we know our lights are built tough, which is why we offer a 3 or 5 year warranty as standard, but the last thing you want is to be caught in the dark, so checking your lights before a big journey is good practice for any driver!

You have so many options when upgrading your Ford Ranger’s lighting output; you can choose the light bars for their compact look and wide beam pattern and go with either Ford Ranger XLT & Ford Ranger FX4 Integration Kit Integration Kit or our Next-Gen Ranger Behind Grille Light Bar Kit.

If you are after distance and power, a pair of driving lights with our superior beam length might be for you. Make sure you choose the lights that not only suit you and your vehicle’s style, but also your driving needs too! If you still have any questions; we’ll be glad to point you in the right direction.

Head to our online shop to find your perfect Ford Ranger lighting upgrade.