At Ultra Vision, we know you love your rig and want to get the best equipment and additions on them so you can get out there, hit the road and the trails and get lost in confidence knowing that you’ve got everything you need to get you home…and not only that, but you want to look good doing it!

So we know that not only do you want the best driving lights and the best light bars for your adventure, but you need all the right parts to get the power of Ultra Vision on your vehicle, so you can light up the night…

If you’re looking to upgrade to a set of Ultra Vision Driving Lights to give you more power, we’ve got a range of ‘plug and play’ patch leads available, making it easier to convert your current set up to our range of LED Driving lights and light bars!

On our accessories page, you can also pick up a wiring harness for your driving lights or light bar! While we supply wiring harnesses with most of our light packages, we know that sometimes you’ll want a replacement and we’ve got harnesses designed for all our different lights and light bars available.

Ultra Vision Patch Leads Ultra Vision Wiring Harness

Get the perfect finish

It’s not just about getting the right kit to get Ultra Vision lights on your vehicle either – you want your lights to look the part too. We’ve got clear lens covers featuring the Ultra Vision logo to help protect your lights while still allowing them to shine bright…and if you’re after a stealth look when you’re not using your lights, we’ve also got black lens covers too. You can also get that premium finish inside too with our range of switches – designed to suit specific vehicles, hi/lo options available and printed with our logo, you’ll be able to show off that you’ve got the best of the best with the flick of a switch!

Ultra Vision Clear Lens Cover Ultra Vision Switches

To make sure you can mount our lights in the perfect position on your vehicle there’s a range of brackets and mounts available too – whether you love that number plate light bar mount, roof rack position or out front on the bull or nudge bars, we’ve got what you need! Add to that all our lights now come with sleek black brackets with a lifetime warranty, and you’ve got a set up that looks amazing any time of day.

Ultra Vision Number Plate Mount Ultra Vision bar Mount

All of this means that you can get the best of the best on your vehicle in a way that suits you – so you will always have the power to light up the night.

Ask at your local dealer for any of our accessories, visit our accessories page online or feel free to get in touch to let us know what you’re after!