When deciding on the best gift for the explorer you know, there’s a few things to keep in mind! We take a look at our different types of lights and what they are best suited for:

LED Driving Lights or Light Bars?

While both are great for those who spend time on roads with no light, trails or who are exploring wide open spaces, there are a few differences that may make either spotlights or light bars more suitable – and for those who are tackling the really tough stuff, a combination of the two will provide you with the best light coverage for your adventures!

Beam Distance

If you’re hitting the bush, hunting down the ideal camping spot or even rolling down a dark highway, being able to see further ahead means you’ll be prepared for anything the terrain can throw at you. Typically, Driving lights or spotlights that have their LED’s concentrated into a powerful beam can throw light much further down the track…

Beam Width

As much fun as it is cruising through these wider spaces, sometimes you want to tackle the tighter, twisty, difficult trails. If you spend a lot of time on small country roads or narrower tracks, a light bar might be for you. The light from a light bar usually gives a wider beam, allowing you to see the details at the edges of the trail and avoid those sharp rocks, or see any hazards that may be lurking off to the side of your route.

So although their prime function is to light the way, driving lights and light bars provide some subtle differences…which is why having a set of both could be perfect for you!

A great gift for the everyday adventurer

For those who like to explore muddy trails and find hidden gems, but also drive through more built-up areas and traffic on the way home, our Raptors give you a versatile range to deal with any journey. The Raptor Driving Lights superior optic gives exceptional distance and width from one lamp type – while the Raptor Light Bars not only provide a great beam spread, but also enough power to get you through the night. Our Raptor range sets the standard in performance.

Perfect Presents for when you need premium power

Our premium Nitro’s provide world class performance for those journeys when only the best will do – designed to cope with any conditions you can throw at them – from rocky mountains trails to soft sand beaches, the Nitro Maxx’s are a great gift for the toughest of explorers! With innovative features in the range, such as WIDR® Optics for improved beam width and Hi/lo features on certain models, the Nitro Maxx driving lights really are the best of the best. The Nitro Light Bars are no slouches either – they come in a range of widths to suit a variety of vehicles and placement options, and also feature our WIDR® optic for enhanced width, while the Contrl® Optic improves distance for those exceptionally tough trails! Check out the Nitro Range

Our lights also come in two colour temperatures, so you can get the perfect light for you – learn more about which colour is right for you by checking out another of our blog articles here

This Christmas, give the avid adventurers in your life the power to outshine the night and keep on keeping on long after the sun goes down.

Still not sure?

We’ve got the lights to suit every driver and every situation…and if you’re still not sure of the right gift – why not let them decide with an Ultra Vision gift card!