Ready to Roll?

Getting out and off the beaten path is a lot of fun. Whether you’re heading off for a holiday, a weekend away or to hit some serious tracks – your dream day out can quickly turn into a nightmare if you’re not prepared. So don’t get caught out in the cold, check out these 5 essential items that every 4×4 adventurer should have…

Tool kit

Let’s start with a simple one, when you’re putting your vehicle through its paces there’s always a risk of something going wrong. If it does, you’re going to want to be able to repair it. Although when out on the trails you might not be able to fix something completely, a tool kit can help you to patch up your vehicle until you can get back to the garage. As well as regular tools why not carry a few spare filters, some metal putty and of course – don’t forget the tape! Making sure you’ve got the gear required to get yourself back to civilisation is crucial, just be sure to check your tool kit before every trip so you know you’ve got what you need!

Recovery Tracks & Shovel

Once you leave the safety of the tarmac, you’re going to come across all types of terrain. Even the most experienced drivers can get caught out by mud or sand, so having a set of recovery boards with you is a must. They can help you get the traction you need on the tyres to get out of some sticky situations and if you’re travelling with just one vehicle, can help you escape from the soft stuff without having to wait for someone to give you a tow. Taking a shovel too can help you to dig around the vehicle to get your recovery boards in prime position.

UHF Radio

Yes most of us have mobile phones, but we all know how annoying it is when there’s no 4G. Chances are when you’re off-roading you’re not going to be able to get any signal at all. The more adventurous you are the likelihood of getting any phone coverage will be much less. This is why you need an UHF Radio. Not only are they useful for checking in with your convoy, but you can keep up to date with weather warnings, talk to other trail users and most importantly of all, have a lifeline to the emergency services if needed. Make sure you read up on the commonly used channels for each situation and grab a radio that best suits your needs.

Air Compressor and Tyre Gauge

If you’re new to getting out on the trails, this may seem like overkill – however an air compressor and tyre pressure gauge really are essential bits of kit. When you’re on the road you want firm, fully inflated tyres for best efficiency and safety. Once you leave the sealed roads, you’re going to want to adjust your tyre pressure to suit your terrain. Driving on gravel? Lower the pressure. Hitting the sand? Lower it even more. Trails often have sections of different ground conditions, once you’ve got through one type you may have to re-inflate your tyres for the next. So an air compressor is invaluable to you, and the tyre pressure gauge will make sure you get your tyres at just the right pressure. When you’re ready to head home, you’ll need to get them back up to pressure – and finding an air pump could take a while.


A fridge or Esky may seem like a bit of a luxury item but think about it – a lot of times when you’re out on an adventure, there’s not going to be a supermarket nearby! You don’t want to be deep into a tough trail and realise you haven’t got enough food for the next day. Even if you’re only planning a day trip, you’re going to want to eat – and you need to be prepared for any eventuality. If you do get stuck, you don’t want to worry about getting food and water on top of everything else. Likewise, if you’re off exploring for a week you will want to make sure you have what you need, in case there is nowhere on your route to stop and buy supplies. The length of your trip may determine what will work best for you – an Esky full of ice is a simple way to keep things cool over a weekend with no power. If you’re planning a longer trip there are plenty of plug in fridges out there for your vehicle, just make sure you consider the extra power these will need to run.


We may be biased, but we reckon a set of top notch driving lights, like the Nitro Maxx 180’s are a great addition to any set up! Having quality lights that let you explore from sun set to sun rise means you can spend more time having fun taking on whatever Australia can throw at you!

These 5 essential items can help make your next 4×4 adventure a safe and enjoyable one – whether you are heading out for a week as part of a group, or taking the family for a day off adventuring, getting the right kit will make your trip one to remember for the all right reasons!