Brace yourselves Off-roaders. In this instalment we have some important news for all you driving enthusiasts. We’re trying not to get overly excited, but this is big. Very big. Like one-of-a-kind, historic breakthrough big!

Most Powerful LED Driving Light

Through tireless efforts and a singular devotion to innovation, our homegrown research and development team has recently cracked the world record for most powerful LED driving light!

The old record stood at 1 lux of illumination at 1600 metres distance. Our brand new Nitro Maxx 180 smashes that record by 600 metres, giving you a full 1 lux at 2200 metres. To put this into perspective, 1 lux is the amount of light needed for a person with 20:20 vision to be able to read a newspaper. Now, your neighbours over 2 kilometres away will be able to read their Herald with ease!

The Science Behind the Super Strength

Firstly we start with the best LEDs that money can buy, made by CREE Leds, the company who introduced the first commercially available LED bulbs to the world back in the 1990s. But a bulb can only do much, so the next, and most important factor was the optics. 

When we say optics, we mean how the design of the lights is optimized to change the direction and intensity of the beams that they put out. This is done mechanically, using different types of reflectors, ensuring the light goes exactly where it is meant to.   

Best Long Range Driving Light

Our team has worked tirelessly to tweak the optics of our lights, squeezing more and more power from them. What they’ve come up with are our brand new Contrl® Optics, a system which ingeniously condenses the light into a more concentrated shaft by reducing non-functional stray beams. The result is an internationally unmatched level of illumination over distance. We’ve also added our WIDR® Optic across the range, giving even more width for when the trails demand it.

But Remember—Everything in Moderation!

Whether you’re off-roading or crossing large sections of outback, a pair of these fitted to your vehicle ensure that you’ll never lack an extra boost of light again. And the Nitro Maxx 180 has a further trick up its sleeve—a ‘dimmer’ switch which reduces its power to 20%. This means that you won’t inadvertently blind other drivers or be blinded yourself by reflections from road signs (we’ve all been there!).

Having your lights shining nearly 2kms down the road won’t endear you too much or your neighbours either, so the Hi/Lo switch is ideal for driving through town or on the highway. It will also keep you on the right side of the law—at low beam the lights achieve 1 lux at 150 metres.

Proudly Designed, Engineered and Made in Australia

Here at Ultra Vision, we’ve proudly achieved a new industry benchmark in vehicle lighting with the Nitro Maxx 180. And because we’ve taken the same care in producing it as we do with all of our lights, it’s got all the usual high-quality design features that you’ve come to expect from our Australian-made products. 

The Nitro Maxx is made from a super-tough, die-cast alloy housing with a hard-coated, impact-resistant polycarbonate lens. This ensures that the housing is dust and waterproof, with a rating of IP68. The light body itself is a contoured shape, designed to reduce depth and weight, which makes it easier and more versatile to fit to your vehicle. 


When it comes to fitting, the lights feature a 4mm stainless steel black bracket, built to stand up to the abuse of off-roading. Finish that all off with waterproof connectors and you have a super sturdy unit that will easily withstand the wear and tear of off-road life.    

We’ve also give you two ‘temperature’ options to suit your personal preference, with a 4500k ‘warm’ option or a ‘whiter’ 5700k available. Read all about light temperatures, and much more, here

Our Commitment to Excellence

We’re so confident of the great quality of these lights that we offer our 5-year warranty as standard. We’ll also give you a free wiring harness and set of anti-lock nuts with the purchase of each set of two lights (you wouldn’t want anyone running off with them!). Australia wide delivery is just $25. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and blaze a whopping great trail through the darkness with a pair of Nitro Maxx 180s. You won’t be disappointed!