We always love to get positive feedback. However, when it comes from the legendary “Mr 4×4”, Pat Callinan himself, it gives us a special sense of gratification.

Our Nitro Maxx 140W LED Driving Lights were put through their paces in a review for Pat Callinan’s 4×4 Adventures. Let’s just say that they discovered what we have known for ages, but are happy to hear from the undisputed industry experts:

Ultra Vision’s Nitro Maxx LED Driving Lights are simply the best lights available on the market.

To find out more, you can read the review here or get the full transcript below:

LED Driving Light Review - Ultravision Lighting

Ultra Vision Nitro 140W MAXX – Tested

Lighting is a fundamental part of any 4WD system. Anyone who can remember that magical moment of turning night into day for the first time will agree that LED technology has transformed our nocturnal driving experiences for the better. But there are plenty of options out there, and sadly the cheap and often unreliable Chinese imports have also infiltrated this part of the market.

For those looking for long-term reliability, quality and performance though, there are some fantastic options. We have put the Nitro 140s through the toughest conditions any lights could possibly see in-service. How did they fare? Read on …

The Testing

Water resistance is one of the most important attributes in a light. Moisture inside the light will not only affect the beam pattern but will also start to eat away and corrode the inner workings. Driving along the Pacific Highway in teeming rain for over nine hours at 110km/h will quickly find any weakness regarding winddriven water. At the end of that drive, the lights were still like brand new. Immersion is another good way to test the water sealing; well, several good dunks into Awinya Creek on Fraser Island (with water well over the bonnet) showed no weakness whatsoever. More than 20 days total of sitting out in the rain have been experienced, all without a trace of internal moisture.

Salt water corrosion will quickly find weaknesses in build quality and finish. Well, the test car lives on the beach. It has spent more than six months exposed to the elements (including 10 days of beach driving on Fraser Island) and there are no signs of corrosion at all. At times caked mud was left to dry on the housings, only to be easily removed without marks or staining. Both the metal brackets and the coated finish on the lights look like new. There is no paint fade either.

Vibration and impacts are other enemies of equipment, particularly anything mounted externally. After the initial fit, the lights have not required re-adjusting, despite solid brushings with tree branches and over 6,500 kilometres of driving. There’s no light flicker on corrugations either, indicating that all internal components are mounted well.

Performance and Price

There is not much to say here. These are the brightest lights we have ever seen, although we are yet to verify this with science in the field. The beam pattern is faultless, with no hot spots and a penetrating well-formed spread. The intense light display hardly comes as a surprise though. Ultra Vision has a record of producing high performance lights; cast your mind back to our testing several years ago in Unsealed 4X4 (Issue 019) and you will see that the ‘Tornado’ would have comprehensively won if we had been able to test a production model instead of a prototype. The pricing is reflective of a quality lighting system which has been built without compromise in any area. For what you get in this light, the asking
price is justified and in line with its quality competitors.


The Ultra Vision Nitro 140W MAXXs are quite simply the best lights we have ever bolted onto a 4X4. The combination of quality, performance and slim design means that these, in our opinion, are the new benchmark for off-road lighting.

RATING: ★★★★★
$695 per light (standard)
$745 per light (coloured surround)
$75 coloured rings retrofit kit