When we wanted to see how far our lights have come, from 10 years ago to our latest Nitro Maxx 180 Driving Lights, we needed a person who knows off-roading inside out.

That’s why we asked someone who not only has experience behind the wheel but also under the hood of 4x4s of all types. Someone who has worked with vehicles in many different scenarios and situations.

MadMatt 4WD

So we gave MadMatt a set of our Nitro Maxx 180’s to use on his various adventures and trips so that he could let us know what he thinks.

Matt has been around 4WD vehicles his whole life and started his apprenticeship as a motor mechanic back in 1987.

Since then, his love for all things off-roading has grown and grown, taking him around Australia and beyond, including an epic adventure in Africa through the Sahara.

Matt has appeared on TV shows, worked on movies, raced in numerous off-road and 4×4 events, as well as grown an online presence where he is a hugely positive voice in the 4WD community worldwide.

Basically, when it comes to 4x4ing of all types, there’s not much Matt doesn’t know or hasn’t tried. With this range of experience and knowledge, we thought he’d be perfect to give us some insights into the things he loves about our lights.

Nitro Maxx 180 Driving Lights

The Nitro Maxx 180 Driving Lights are our top-of-the-range spotlights. They offer the best performance in the market today. Thanks to the use of next-gen LEDs and our Contrl® optic, these driving lights give you outstanding visibility; 1 Lux of light at a mind-blowing 2.2km, to make sure you never miss a thing on the road.

They also come with our Widr® Optic, producing amazing beam width – these lights are a true all-rounder, making them the best in the business at lighting up the night.

Designed and made right here in Australia, they’re built tough to take on all the different terrains that this country (or any other) can throw at them.

They also come with some other features that you might not know about, which are all part of the attention to detail we put into all our products.

In this review, MadMatt takes a look at some more features that make these driving lights a great companion for any drive, whether you’re sticking to the tarmac or heading off-road to tackle the trails.

He gives us some tips on the best placement for switches, talks about the build quality and durability that you get with our Nitro Maxx 180’s, and also tells us about what you get with the lights to keep them secure and make installation easier.

So if you want to learn more about what makes our driving lights special, then make sure you check out this review to see some of the other features besides their pure power that Matt (and everyone else) loves.

Here’s the transcript of Matt’s video review:

The Review:

Watch MadMatt’s review on our YouTube channel.

Exploring Ultra Vision Lighting’s Nitro Maxx 180s

MadMatt: “So let’s get into a little bit of the specifications, and what these Ultra Vision lights are all about. Now they’re called the Nitro Max 180s, and they are their newest lights. They are really running some pretty cool tech. They’ve got um, they’ve got that high-low feature I mentioned earlier which takes a little bit to get used to, but it is a really genuine feature.”

NITRO 180 Maxx LED Driving Light

Installation Tips

MadMatt: “Probably the only thing I’d like or I’d say to you when you install them – maybe I made the mistake when I installed them in this vehicle – is make sure you put the switch, the high-low buttons, the tiny little buttons, 2 things; put them where you can easily access them, near your high beam stalk because that’s naturally where you go for your high-low controls.”

Brightness and Distraction Prevention

MadMatt: “The next thing is they have quite bright LEDs. Bright, in the sense of when you’re driving at night, you don’t want those two LEDs staring at you while you’re driving at night because that can be quite distracting. So put that controller behind the spoke of a steering wheel or something like that, but still in a position where you can get to it quickly. Obviously, it’s going to depend on where you put them in your vehicle.”

Usable Light: Nitro 180 Maxx Beam Diagram
2200m Usable Light: Nitro 180 Maxx Beam Diagram

Quality and Durability Features

MadMatt: “I love that high-low feature; I’m getting used to it, and I’m appreciating it. Some of the other features these lights come with include an excellent five-year warranty, the mounting brackets are made of four mm stainless steel, TIG welded, and come with a lifetime warranty. They are not going to break unless you have an accident or something. I’ve got some of these Ultra Vision lights that have been on vehicles for 10 years, and they are still working as good and look as good as the day we put them on the vehicle. So they’re an excellent quality light in that sense.”

Anti-Theft and Ease of Installation

MadMatt: “They don’t shake on your vehicle. Now, on the Land Cruiser, we do get a little bit of shake on rough roads, but that’s not coming from the lights; it’s coming from the bull bar, in actual fact. So sometimes, you’ll see them shaking a little bit. All the lights will come with anti-theft nuts, which is a great feature considering you’re running a genuinely valuable product on the front of your vehicle. They do have an anti-theft nut, which is excellent. The next thing is these lights all come with a high-quality wiring harness, the relay and all the equipment you need to get them installed in your vehicle. They all use Deutsch plugs, which are waterproof plugs. It’s just quality gear, and obviously, you’re going to pay for the quality.”

Long-Term Value and Versatility

MadMatt: “But here’s what I’d say: when you buy a set of these lights, you’re not going to be selling them with your vehicle. You’re going to take them off and put them on your next vehicle, and you’re going to keep doing that because they’re that good. So, they’re kind of like a one-time purchase, which I really do like.”