Adding extra LED lights to your vehicle is one of the easiest ways to increase driver visibility and overall driver safety. Our clients who have never added lighting to their vehicles often ask, “Should I choose a light bar or driving lights?”. The benefits of choosing a light bar are numerous. The sleek low profile of a light bar maintains the vehicle’s overall look by not adding excess bulk and not impeding airflow to the radiator (if mounted on the bull bar). A primary benefit of light bars over driving lights is the increased peripheral vision that a light bar provides. While driving lights can often give you more light depth, due to the light bars’ lateral spread of LEDs, they provide a much wider field of vision, which is more suited to winding, narrow roads where hazards are more likely to come from your periphery rather than directly in front.

4WD at night using LED lights

The expanded range of options for positioning and mounting your light bars is another advantage to choosing light bars over driving lights. With Ultra Vision light bars, you can choose from: integrated positioning, behind the grille, rooftop mounted or bull bar mounted. Some of our clients choose to get the best of both worlds and add light bars and driving lights for the ultimate set-up. 

Ultra Vision light bars come in both our Raptor and Nitro Maxx brands of LED lights. The range extends from our smaller 30W light bars all the way to our 405W 45″ Light bar and everything in between.

Our Raptor light bars come complete with stainless steel pivot mounting brackets and stainless steel fixings. Manufactured from high-pressure extruded aluminum, giving an extremely strong but light body, the Raptor light bars also feature high-impact polycarbonate lens. Our Raptor light bars come in 30W 8.5″, 60W 14.5″, 90W 20.5″, 120W 26.5″, 180W 39″, 210W 45″ and 240W 51″ light bar configurations and are available in either 4000k or 5700k light temperature. Like all Raptor products, they include a 3-year warranty for optimal peace of mind.

Our Nitro Maxx light bars feature the Widr® optic for added width and a Contrl® optic for added distance of usable light. The Nitro Maxx also features a Hi/Lo function: The Hi-beam setting uses all the LEDs in the light bar (using 5700k temperature), perfect for open road driving. The Lo-beam setting uses only the spread optics (with the warmer 4500k temperature), ideal for reducing glare on road-signs and reflective surfaces and increasing visibility through fog-like conditions. Our Nitro Maxx light bars come in 55W 7″, 105W 13″, 155W 18″, 205W 24″, 255W 30″, 305W 35″, 355W 40″ and 405W 45″ light bar configurations. Our Nitro Maxx branded lights are all covered by a 5-year warranty and, like all Ultra Vision products, are 100% Australian-made. 

Can Bus interfaceUltra Vision Switches

In addition to our wide range of driving lights and light bars, Ultra Vision also stocks accessories to make the most out of your LED lights. The CAN Bus high beam output interface offers a solution to newer models of cars that do not feature a high-beam wire on the vehicle’s headlights. The CAN Bus interface will automatically detect when your vehicle’s high beam lights are switched on and activate your Ultra Vision light bar. We also stock a full range of brackets to ensure you can mount your light bar where you wish, including our number plate mount. OE switches enable you to keep the look and feel of your dash and integrate the switch directly into your Ultra Vision lights.


Coming soon…

Due to release later this year, Ultra Vision will launch a new LED light bar range. Keep an eye on our website and social media for updates. And if you have any questions about mounting your LED light bars or what light solution is best for your vehicle, contact our helpful team for more information.